Heroes – Emeke Obanor Gives a Voice to Survivors

Emeke Obanor is a Nigerian photographer whose series of portraits are featured in an article I wrote in F-Stop Magazine in June of 2020. Since that time, his work has gained more attention in international press and he has received a number of awards and grants. His series “Heroes” is centered around a group of girls who were abducted by Boko Haram militants operating in … Continue reading Heroes – Emeke Obanor Gives a Voice to Survivors

My Mother, Myself - Introspective Healing

A Photographic Project by Jessica Paullus I became aware of Jessica Paullus’ work in the past couple years, and then was suggested to get in touch with her through a third person. After Jessica and I had spoken and had some conversation about the work, I became more greatly attuned to the gravity of her project, My Mother, Myself. I’ve had a photo book by Lorena … Continue reading My Mother, Myself - Introspective Healing

GenderQueer – Intimate and Genuine: An interview with Chloe Aftel

GenderQueer — Intimate and Genuine Gender is a current topic of discussion and debate — politically, and socially. A political debate wages on in several states to decide who should use which restroom based on their assigned gender at birth, versus the gender with each person identifies themselves. Time Magazine’s cover story for March 27, 2017 is ‘Beyond He or She’; how a new generation is defining how they relate … Continue reading GenderQueer – Intimate and Genuine: An interview with Chloe Aftel

An Honest Assessment – Amelia Morris

Amelia Morris is a photographer and mixed media artist working with themes including identity, memory, and self-perception. Her imagery’s autobiographical content is expressed through both literal and symbolic self-portraiture, and what she lovingly calls “low-grade performance art.” This is art driven by deeply personal experiences, divulged like a confession to the viewer. Amelia Morris’ work is often raw – but not in the sense of being … Continue reading An Honest Assessment – Amelia Morris