Featured Photographer – Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello

Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello is a Spanish designer and photographer who “uses photography to capture beauty, detail and unique moments of our daily life and existence; also to surprise and play with the spectator, questioning the prism with which he observes the reality of things. Photography tells us and helps us to understand our relationship with the world through our own narrative and visual language.” Dialogues His project, … Continue reading Featured Photographer – Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello

Featured photographer – Tito Mouraz

Fluvial — transforming personal geography into a fictional world of shapes and forms Project Statement — Fluvial is a meditation of the beaches and villages of interior northern and central Portugal. Photographed between 2011 and 2017, these fluvial scenes transmute personal geography into a fictional atmosphere. Testifying to the author’s lifelong relationship with northern and central Portuguese riverside beaches and villages, they act not in the manner of a … Continue reading Featured photographer – Tito Mouraz

Featured Photographer – Peter Ydeen

Peter Ydeen studied painting and sculpture at Virginia Tech, under Ray Kass, (BA), Brooklyn College under Alan D’Arcangelo and Robert Henry, (MFA Fellowship) and at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture with visiting artists, Francesco Clemente, Judy Pfaff, William Wegman, Mark Di Suvero and others. Over the past several years, Peter has concentrated on photography where he is able to use the many years spent … Continue reading Featured Photographer – Peter Ydeen

Featured photographer – Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel grew up in Paris, France and in London, UK. She studied in Paris International Law before deciding to dedicate her life to photography in 1997. Hermand-Grisel has exhibited nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the Carroussel du Louvre (Paris, France), Rayko Photo Center (San Francisco, USA), Maison de la Culture (Luxemburg), City Hall, SFAC Galleries (San Francisco, USA), Europ’art’, (Geneva, Switzerland) Espace Bontemps … Continue reading Featured photographer – Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Featured Photographer – Leticia Batty

Leticia Batty is a UK based photographer originally from Worksop, Nottinghamshire and now resides in London. She has a number of London exhibitions and book publications to her credit. Leticia is a photographic artist who specializes in medium format color photography, with the Worksop and Sheffield area as the biggest influence on her work. Her practice explores themes of identity, landscape, British politics and the … Continue reading Featured Photographer – Leticia Batty

Land – Sea : New Work by UK Photographer Andrew Mellor

Andrew Mellor is a photographer based in Lancashire in the North West of England. His photography explores natural and man-made environments; and the interaction between the two with concerns over how we use the landscape and the social and political issues surrounding it. His work explores change and human impact. Land – Sea : Artist Statement For centuries Blackpool was just a hamlet by the sea. But by … Continue reading Land – Sea : New Work by UK Photographer Andrew Mellor

Reading Rebecca Solnit: 17 Photographers and Curators on Her Influence and Inspiration

In this article by Jon Feinstein at Humble Arts Foundation, the writing of Rebecca Solnit is highlighted and given affirmation from a number of photographers, curators, and writers. I share it here in Wobneb Mag because I always like to see how much influence can come from writing about images. The work written by Solnit transcends talking about pictures, into talking about life, and how one can … Continue reading Reading Rebecca Solnit: 17 Photographers and Curators on Her Influence and Inspiration

GenderQueer – Intimate and Genuine: An interview with Chloe Aftel

GenderQueer — Intimate and Genuine Gender is a current topic of discussion and debate — politically, and socially. A political debate wages on in several states to decide who should use which restroom based on their assigned gender at birth, versus the gender with each person identifies themselves. Time Magazine’s cover story for March 27, 2017 is ‘Beyond He or She’; how a new generation is defining how they relate … Continue reading GenderQueer – Intimate and Genuine: An interview with Chloe Aftel