Featured photographer Frank Marshal

The work of Frank Marshal is an understated, insightful look at the American condition. As he writes in a statement for his work, his images equate “faded dreams, and a realization that we have been ridiculed by our fantasies. A mundane landscape which demands your attention and portraits which demand recognition. We realize there is nothing to break our fall, so we fell. As I put it, ‘every picture tells a story.’

Among his projects I’ve seen online, I was strongly drawn to ‘I See Nothing‘ and how Marshal’s images evoke a sense of people and their interaction – while not actually featuring people. These scenes are like a stage which has been set up for our introduction into the lives of a cast of characters. What will happen next? Who will we meet? The feeling is palpable and the scenes draw in the viewer.

from ‘I See Nothing’ © Frank Marshal
from ‘I See Nothing’ © Frank Marshal
from ‘I See Nothing’ © Frank Marshal

Other projects online include landscapes and work which explores the theme of ‘sense of place’. Marshal writes, “we have always wondered about our place in the universe. Does it matter, where we are? Is it possible to know? Are we defined by our place in the world? Is it human nature to want to know…?” These are some of the big questions we as humans, and artists alike, ask for time eternal. Marshal deftly explores these questions, showing how he documents and interprets the world around him, and conveys a sense of place using his unique visual voice.

To see more projects and work by Frank Marshal, visit his website www.frankmarshal.com or check out his Instagram accounts, frankmarshal or istillusefilm

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