Light Work & Syracuse University Transmedia: Remote Lecture Series

Light Work and the Department of Transmedia in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University announces the Fall 2020 lineup for a new remote lecture series, The new collaboration brings together leading dynamic contemporary voices in the field of photography. S. Billie Mandle, Hannah Price, Irina Rozovsky, Lesley A. Martin and Penelope Umbrico represent a range of approaches, styles, and ideas!


Registration is open. Claim your spot today. $15 for a single pass or $30 for a season pass to all four lectures (a savings of $30 for package pricing). Light Work Lab membership is not required. 

Full descriptions for all remote lectures can be found online at Light Work or by calling 315-443-2450 or via email at


Ocean City Beach. NJ. 2018. Semaphore series

The series begins with photographer and filmmaker Hannah Price. A moderated Q&A follows her remote talk Project Less. Price’s practice comprises photography and film. She uses her work to document relationships, race politics, and misperception. She has received international recognition for her photo project City of Brotherly Love (2009-2012), a series on the men who catcalled her on the streets of Philadelphia.

The second lecture is with photographer Irina Rozovsky. Rozovsky believes there is something to photograph most anywhere and considers the camera a third eye. For years, she has made pictures by wandering in far-flung places. She has explored questions of migration, diaspora, rootlessness, and personal versus political freedom in Cuba, Israel, and former Yugoslavia. Rozovsky is based in Athens, Georgia.

The third lecture is with photographer S. Billie Mandle. Mandle conducts extensive research into the histories and politics of each of her subjects, which include a home for refugees, a hospital for the mentally ill, and the California Missions. She will talk about her recent book, Reconciliation, made over ten years of photographing confessionals throughout the United States. The book offers a queer perspective on religious spaces as they relate to the fallibility of faith and forgiveness.

The fourth and final series event is with photographer Lesley A. Martin. She will be in conversation with acclaimed photographer Penelope Umbrico. Martin is publisher of The PhotoBook Review, a newsprint journal dedicated to the photobook. Her writing on photography has appeared in publications that include American PhotoApertureFOAM, and Lay Flat. She has edited more than seventy-five photography books. Martin is creative director at Aperture Foundation.


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