Photographer Karla Guerrero – Poetic Space Manifesto

Poetic instant I (chair is space) © Karla Guerrero

In her Poetic Space Manifesto project, Karla Guerrero’s work is highly influenced by the philosophical vanguard of Phenomenology (an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience), in the behavior of the gaze, the interactions of oneself between objects, spatial explorations in experiences of transience and absence: memory, loss, and void. She says her inspiration comes from everything she sees and reads; her influences are more from the process of thinking of the image as a way of seeing it, or to remain in a phenomenological experience with things.

Guerrero’s images included here directly relate to certain aspects of this philosophical visual approach, and explore her world with this in mind. The Poetics, an Instagram feed curated by Guerrero, also studies space through a phenomenological – poetic approach. The collaborative project can be found on Instagram under the username @poeticspacemanifesto

To find out more about her project and see more of her work, visit her website :

Art Poétique © Karla Guerrero
Objects are fossils to focus on © Karla Guerrero
Poetic Instant III © Karla Guerrero

Karla Guerrero (b. 1993, Mexico City) photographer, digital curator, and cultural manager. She received her bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Universidad de la Comunicación. In 2019 she studied the MA in Social Development of Artistic Culture, University of Malaga. She is the founder of Femgrafía, a platform for dissemination and research on the photographic work of women in Latin America and Spain, where she aims to create a community between spaces and artists for the future study and recognition of women photographers.

Guerrero’s work has been exhibited online and offline in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico, including international fairs such as Cosmos Arles Books. Published and reviewed by international platforms such as Aesthetica Magazine, GUP Magazine, and Lensculture. She has obtained the Sony World Photography Award, POY Latam, FOAM Paul Huf Award nominee, and the Lucie Foundation Scholarship shortlist.

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