I love my lil' death trap
© Amelia Morris – I Love My ‘lil Deathtrap

This past week, featured Indiana based photographers through a series of features written by Jacinda Russell. One of the artists featured, was Amelia Morris.

Amelia was kind enough to do interview earlier this year with Wobneb Magazine and F-Stop Magazine, so it was great to see her being featured on Lenscratch as well. It is encouraging to see local artists getting recognition.

As for some personal pride in the photographers being featured for the States Series for Indiana on Lenscratch – three out of six photographers are connected to Ball State University. BSU has been, and continues to be, a place where artists can find their voice, and learn from professors who are a wealth of knowledge and are themselves creators of strong work. Both Mark Sawrie and Jacinda Russell are photography professors at BSU and I wish them the best in their ongoing and future projects.

I will never forget Sawrie telling my class of graduating photo students – “The life of an artist is a long and difficult row to hoe.” Each day I try to find my own voice, either in words or images, I keep that mantra in mind.

Cary Benbow


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