Featured photographer Frank Marshal

The work of Frank Marshal is an understated, insightful look at the American condition. As he writes in a statement for his work, his images equate “faded dreams, and a realization that we have been ridiculed by our fantasies. A mundane landscape which demands your attention and portraits which demand recognition. We realize there is nothing to break our fall, so we fell. As I … Continue reading Featured photographer Frank Marshal

100 Cameras Outreach Program

CONNECTING KIDS AND THEIR COMMUNITIES ‘100 Cameras’ is a nonprofit organization that works with kids around the world who have had challenging experiences, and we teach them how to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that impacts how they view themselves and their role in their community. We provide a platform to sell their photographs and give 100% of the proceeds … Continue reading 100 Cameras Outreach Program

Homecoming 2021

Student Call for Entry Booksmart Studio in collaboration with Float Photo are launching a new photographic publication and FREE call for entry for the printed publication  Homecoming 2021, sponsored by FUJIFILM, dedicated to graduating photography students from around the world, all current senior undergraduate art students, current second-year MFA students, and all graduates of the class of 2020 are eligible to submit and participate. (We … Continue reading Homecoming 2021

Revel & Revolt by Beau Patrick Coulon

Revel & Revolt is a new photo book by Beau Patrick Coulon, a co-edition with Burn Barrel Press and Defend New Orleans’ imprint: DNO books. Coulon presents his straightforward-yet-personal visual documentation of protests, parades, and the punk scene in New Orleans from 2015 to 2020. On April 12th, 2021, Coulon’s latest book of photography, Revel & Revolt publishes via Burn Barrel Press. Imagery of the punk scene in New Orleans from generator … Continue reading Revel & Revolt by Beau Patrick Coulon

Behind the Obstacles

Vladimir Tereshkov’s photos of Hip-Hop Culture in Iran It may be hard to imagine there is a hip-hop culture in Iran, considering the tense political situation in the Middle East and the region’s relations with the United States. The movement appeared in the 1990s, when hip-hop artists mainly focused on socio-political topics. This led to a quick reaction from the government: some rappers had to … Continue reading Behind the Obstacles

Fill the Frame: A Street Photography Documentary Film by Tim Huynh

Fill the Frame (2021) 62min Documentary Released 31 January 2021 (USA) https://www.filltheframefilm.com/ Fill The Frame, directed and produced by Tim Huynh, follows eight contemporary New York City street photographers. The film takes an in-depth look at the work of the photographers and their journey through personal discussions, and features interviews and scenes of them working on the streets of New York City. The photographers featured are Dimitri … Continue reading Fill the Frame: A Street Photography Documentary Film by Tim Huynh

All of Us: Portraits of an American Bicentennial by Richard Beaven

In All of Us: Portraits of an American Bicentennial there are only two portraits which don’t show us the entire person being photographed. The approach Richard Beaven takes to include the whole person in his his project photographing the community of Ghent, New York allows the viewer to get a feel for who each person is, how they hold their hands, how they stand alone … Continue reading All of Us: Portraits of an American Bicentennial by Richard Beaven

Little Romances by Jordanna Kalman

Jordanna Kalman photographs prints of her own photographs, and they become a physical object. She surrounds them with elements from her garden or other personal items. This is done not to evoke nostalgia or sentimentality but to deepen her physical connection and/or claim to the images and distance them from the viewer. Kalman poses questions to herself about what it means to be a woman. … Continue reading Little Romances by Jordanna Kalman

Call for Entry: Center for Fine Art Photography – 30 over 50

Submit to the Center’s call for work: 30 Over 50: In Context Juror: Arnika Dawkins 30 Over 50 | In Context Talent is not reserved for the young, and (hopefully) with age comes wisdom. We are looking for work from artists over the age of 50 making work that reflects our times. Whether the work engages with events of 2020 or is from a long … Continue reading Call for Entry: Center for Fine Art Photography – 30 over 50